Transit Transportation

Since our country unites Europe and Asia, due to its location, it has an important place in the environment of transit and transportation to neighboring countries. In particular, Azerbaijan, America, Europe and the Far East the Turkic Republics, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and the Balkans shipments made to pass through Turkey. We provide our services in this field thanks to our offices located in Istanbul.

Transit transport is the transfer of goods sent one country to another across the borders of a third country. Today, the main principle in transit transportation is freedom of passage. But in the past, tax was also levied on transit. One of the leading multilateral agreements governing transit transport is the TIR agreement signed in Geneva in 1959. According to this agreement, transit goods can be transported between third country borders without paying any taxes, duties and fees. Transit transport can be confused with transit trade in practice. For example, Turkey´s goods are received Germany, it is a transit trade to sell to Iran. Exports in free zones can be considered as a kind of transit export. However, transit transport is only the passing of trade one country to another through a third country. This implies that the country is not a party to trade.

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