Highway Transports

Hazal Logistics is at your service with its experienced, strong and expert personnel who depart Azerbaijan every day. As Hazal Logistics, we always work for better service. In addition to the vehicles we have, we provide all transportation models according to the needs of our customers in our domestic transportation and distribution services with our contracted supplier infrastructure; We create effective solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.

Road transport is a transportation system that allows the products to be transported to the desired location at the desired time safely, quickly and securely. Compared to other types of transport, it allows transportation without the need to transfer between the starting and destination points; It is a method of transportation which has some advantages such as being faster and cheaper than other alternative transportation systems especially in short distance transportation.

Hazal Logistics provides road transport services such as bulk / palletized general cargo transportation, project / clearance cargo transportation, complete export and import loading and transportation, regular groupage export and import loading and transportation, hanging textile products transportation.

As we have mentioned, our company takes out vehicles to Azerbaijan on a daily basis our maximum security storage center in Istanbul.

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